Residential Plumbing Services

If you are having plumbing issues in your home or if you are looking to upgrade to a new kitchen or bathroom fixtures, let Bass Plumbing offer you the solutions and expert installation you deserve. Learn more about our residential plumbing services below!

Drain Cleaning

We offer drain cleaning services for all types of drains, including kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains and shower/bathtub drains.

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Kitchen sink drains can start running more slowly over time and eventually clog as greases, soaps, fats and detergents build up inside the pipes. Our skilled team at Bass Plumbing can cut through the clog, remove the debris and restore your clogged kitchen sink drain to full functionality.

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Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Bathrooms can present numerous challenges when it comes to keeping drains free and clear. Whether it’s showers and tubs clogged with hair and soap buildup, or sinks filled with toothpaste and other grime, our technicians at Bass Plumbing can address clogged bathroom drains and provide expert drain cleaning services.

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Toilet Repair Services

If you are experiencing issues with your toilet, whether it is clogged, runs continuously, or lack of flushing power, Bass Plumbing can diagnose and fix the problem by performing toilet repair or replacement services. Our plumbers can unclog toilets, fix a leaking toilet, install and replace toilets and more.

Clogged Toilet Repair

One of the most common bathroom plumbing problems is a clogged toilet. While minor clogs are easy for most homeowners to unclog using a plunger, some toilet drains can get overwhelmed with toilet paper or non-flushable items and require professional help to unclog. Our professional plumbers can unclog your toilet and restore full drainage and powerful flushes.

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Leaking Toilet Repair

A leaking toilet is another common bathroom plumbing problem many homeowners experience. Similar to any home appliance, a toilet tank features many small moving parts that may need to be replaced with usage over time. Flapper valves, fill valves and other tank parts can all wear out and cause toilet leaks that are not clearly visible at first glance. Our plumbers at Bass Plumbing can help you identify the source of toilet leaks and repair them with quality replacement parts.

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Water Heater Repair Services

Homeowners use hot running water every day, from bathing to cooking to cleaning. This makes your water heater one of your home’s most important components. Bass Plumbing offers maintenance, repair and installation services to ensure your water heater is in perfect working order.

It can be difficult to determine if you need to call a plumber to fix your water heater. However, there are a few common signs you can look at for. A few common signs of water heater problems include:

  • Strange noises coming from your water heater
  • Strange noises coming from your pipes
  • Unpleasant odors from your water
  • Cold showers or baths
  • Broken pilot light
  • Water heater leaks
  • Water with bits of dirt, rust or other debris

If you notice any of the above water heater problems, don’t hesitate to contact Bass Plumbing today. Our plumbers offer water heater repair and maintenance services to prevent these issues from occurring.

Pipe Leak Repairs

Pipe leaks can go unnoticed for weeks, if not months. However, sometimes a pipe leak is just an annoyance around the house. It is crucial that leaks are repaired as quickly and as efficiently as possible, as they can cause costly damage if ignored.

In addition, pipe leaks can result lead to pipe or fixture corrosion over long periods of time, resulting in serious damage to your home plumbing system. If you notice water dripping from your faucet or pipes, contact us at Bass Plumbing today.

Unclogging Pipes

Clogged pipes can be a big problem. Whether it is in your kitchen or bathroom, a stopped-up drain can lead to pools of water, debris and bacteria. When pipes get clogged, water can pool up around the drain in your kitchen sink or your bathroom sink or tub. Bass Plumbing can help unclog pipes to ensure your home drains are working efficiently again.

Sewer Line Installation & Repairs

Sewer lines are essential for maintaining the comfort of your home. Since sewer lines are located underground, it can be difficult to identify if they are broken and need to be repaired. However, there are signs to look out for, including gurgling noises coming from your toilet, lack of water in your toilet, slow draining, sewer odor in your yard or a flooded yard. If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact our plumbers at Bass Plumbing today.

Gas Line Installation & Repairs

When it comes to the gas lines in your home, it is always best to trust a professional, as natural gas is flammable and harmful to both people and pets. If you suspect you might have a leak, or need a gas line installation, Bass Plumbing can help with all of your gas line services.